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Pool Surroundings & Exteriors

Oklahoma Concreter is more than just pool installers. Given our extensive history of providing concrete building and construction services in Oklahoma City, we are uniquely qualified to build pool surroundings and exteriors.

Having the right pool surroundings and exterior styles highlights the entire pool area. When you have a pool installed, it is the ideal place to entertain guests and can add both financial and aesthetic value to your home.

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We can help you select the ideal pool decks or pool tiles so you can relax in a comfortable area around the pool. Your options will be determined by your budget, aesthetic preferences, and available space. For example, if your pool is already taking up a lot of space in your yard, you may want to add a couple of feet of tiles in each direction to provide a safe place to get in and get out of the pool.

Pool decks may be of interest to homeowners with more space. They are a lovely addition, and selecting the right pool deck will complement the area you want to create.

  • Pool Decking

Oklahoma Concreter can assist you in choosing pool decking that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting for your swimming pool or spa area. Pool decking is ideal for creating a highly functional, modern, and trendy outdoor space. They can transform an impractical space into a valuable asset.

For example, we can help install decking that connects to your patio and BBQ area, resulting in a functional and interconnected space where you can spend time with family, friends, or yourself!

  • Pool Tiles

Choosing the right tiling for your pool is important in terms of safety, appearance, and style. Taking everything into consideration, Oklahoma Concreter can assist you in finding pool tiles that complement your home and personal style and meet functionality and safety requirements.

The tiling we install will complement the style and color of your pool while also making the area around it safe and non-slip. Consider it a little oasis in your backyard where you can keep all the greenery and plants you love in the surrounding areas.


Every design element is tailored to reflect the personality of your property, including size, style, shape, lighting, and accessories. We will design your pool to meet your exact specifications. Pool construction is an art form that we have honed over the years. Exterior will transform your backyards into a relaxing sanctuary.

Our team has the tools and machinery necessary to build what you want, down to the smallest detail. A team of experts will work throughout the year to ensure that each client receives the best craftsmanship when designing their dream backyard. Our dedicated team is there every step of the way, from design to landscaping to construction.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping can completely transform your outdoor experience, creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your backyard. A classic, well-designed outdoor space has the potential to make a home healthier and more enjoyable. When you hire Exterior in Oklahoma Concreter as your landscaping designer, you’ll get the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a perfect balance of private surroundings and street appeal.


If you are considering installing a pool surround and exteriors at your home, we encourage you to contact Oklahoma Concreter immediately!

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